Jeeves Replacement Element


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Comes in 60/90/120/135/150/175/200/220/250 Watts


Product Description

  • Comes in 60/90/120/135/150/175/200/220/250 Watts
  • Lead Length: 1.4m
  • White
  • Warranty: 5 yrs

Liquid filled rails operate using an Electric Element to heat the liquid inside the rail. As the water particles heat up they move around the rail causing the entire rail to heat therefore warming and drying the towels.

One of the advantages of a liquid-filled rail is that you can replace the heating element if it was ever to fail. The element unscrews from the bottom of the upright and a new element can be installed. The Jeeves elements are designed to be used to replace an element if it fails.



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120Watts, 135Watts, 150Watts, 175Watts, 200Watts, 220Watts, 250Watts, 60Watts, 90Watts


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